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Erap running in the 2010 elections?

"Mircale" Needed to Stop Estrada

Only a “miracle” will stop pardoned President Joseph Estrada from pursuing the presidency in the 2010 elections.

By “miracle,” Estrada means having only one presidential candidate for the opposition, a wish he would unlikely achieve after Senators Manuel Villar, Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, Ma. Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal, have expressed their intent to seek the highest office in the country in the 2010 polls.

Other visible hopefuls are Senators Francis “Chiz” Escudero and Loren Legarda, religious leaders Mike Velarde, Eddie Villanueva and Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio.

“I’m still expecting a miracle of having a single presidential candidate [for the opposition],” Estrada said in a recent interview with the Yahoo! Philippines.

Estrada has admitted reaching out to some of the 2010 hopefuls to convince them to back out, but most insist that they have already decided.

The only time he would withdraw from the race is “If they all back out and we will agree on one candidate to ensure the victory of the opposition,” Estrada added.

He also believes that he has kept the “Erap magic.”

“I don’t think I will run again if I don’t see any Erap power back,” he said, noting that he has his own choices for a running mate but the formal announcement will be made in September.

The former president said he was also not worried about funds when election campaign starts. This is despite the pending forfeiture of his assets, which he claimed were gained while he was still a movie actor.

“I know I have enough money,” he said.

The Sandiganbayan on September 2007 convicted Estrada of plunder and ordered the forfeiture to the government of cash representing Estrada’s “jueteng” (illegal numbers game) payoffs amounting to P545.29 million with interest, including the P200 million deposited in the name of the Erap Muslim Youth Foundation; the P189-million commission from the purchase of Belle Corp. shares that ended up in the so-called Jose Velarde account, and the 5, 192.88 square-meter “Boracay Mansion” in New Manila, Quezon City.

After six years of detention in his Tanay rest house, and a month after his conviction, Estrada was freed following an executive clemency from President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Debates on Estrada’s eligibility to run have once again emerged.

source: By Thea Alberto
Yahoo! Philippines


If Erap Wins, Then What?

What happens next should Erap win the presidential elections? Are we going to take to the streets again to oust him from power? From where did his boldness come after the shame and humiliation he suffered from being jailed? If he wins, we truly are a crazy people and we deserve what we get. But how about the upright minority who wants a great country, do they deserve this, too? It is unfortunate that the foolish, selfish, and uneducated majority always win in this kind of election. I cannot blame GMA she had to move heaven and earth, even cheat just to win the elections because in this country, good but unpopular leaders will not make it. Maybe it is not automated elections we need. Maybe we should invent another type of elections where only the upright, educated and selfless citizens can vote and not the ones who care only about what the candidate can do for him personally.

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yup, god save us all from erap. and whats really bothering me is the fact that there is this slim chance that he might win again....

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